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Dr. Brett Thombs interviewed by SABC's Beth Miller

 | Sep 01, 2021

Dr. Brett Thombs, founder and director of SPIN, was recently interviewed by Beth Miller, board member of the Scleroderma Association of British Columbia (SABC) about SPIN’s research projects and our patient-centered interventions.


New CIHR funding for the SPIN team!

 | Aug 26, 2021

We are excited to announce that our project “Mental Health in People at Risk from COVID-19 Due to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition: Longitudinal Study of Risk Factors, Outcomes, and the Role of Vaccination” has been awarded a one-year CIHR grant!


Position Available: Full-Time Research Assistant

 | Aug 25, 2021

SPIN is currently seeking applicants for a Full-time Research Assistant position in patient-engaged health research. Please see the job description for more details.



Congratulations to Dr. Brett Thombs who has been awarded the Scleroderma Foundation’s 2021 “Messenger of Hope” award!

 | Jul 26, 2021

We are excited to share that Dr. Brett Thombs has just been awarded the Scleroderma Foundation’s 2021 “Messenger of Hope” award.


Position Available: SPIN Postdoctoral Fellow

 | Jun 01, 2021

SPIN is currently seeking applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship position in patient-engaged health research and novel clinical trials. Please see the job description below for more details.



SPIN publishes results from the SPIN-PACE Survey

 | Feb 03, 2021

Results from the SPIN - Physical ACtivity Enhancement (SPIN-PACE) in scleroderma Survey was recently accepted for publication in Arthritis Care & Research.



We cannot access the mailbox at the moment

 | Dec 18, 2020

Please note that the SPIN research team cannot access the mailbox at the moment. Please email us at



Dr. Thombs awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Patient-engaged Disease Management and Prevention

 | Dec 16, 2020

The Canada Research Chairs are awarded to world-class researchers who are recognized internationally as leaders in their fields.



SPIN publishes study results on factors associated with fears during COVID-19!

 | Dec 01, 2020

The first study to explore factors associated with fears during COVID-19 in a vulnerable population with a pre-existing medical condition and the first study to apply the validated COVID-19 Fears Questionnaire for Chronic Medical Conditions.


SPIN creates the first measure assessing pandemic-related fears among patients vulnerable due to pre-existing illnesses!

 | Oct 23, 2020

Results from the COVID-19 Fears Questionnaire for Chronic Medical Conditions were recently published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.


SPIN announces 2019 and 2020 Maureen Sauvé Award Recipients!

 | Oct 07, 2020

SPIN presented the 2019 and 2020 recipients of the Maureen Sauvé Inspiration Award at the 19th Bi-Annual Canadian National Scleroderma Virtual Conference.




SPIN publishes the first study to report mental health symptom changes during COVID-19 in a vulnerable population!

 | Oct 07, 2020

The SPIN Team shares study results comparing mental health symptoms, before and during COVID-19, in 435 SPIN Cohort participants who took part in the SPIN-COVID-19 Study in April.


Announcing the Launch of SPIN-SHARE and the SPIN-HAND Toolkit

 | Apr 30, 2020

The SPIN Team is please to announce the launch of SPIN-SHARE, a central hub where you can access all the online SPIN toolkits as they become available! Instructions on how to access SPIN-SHARE and our first toolkit, the SPIN-HAND toolkit are below!



VIDEOFORUM - Scleroderma & COVID-19: A Conversation with the Experts

 | Mar 21, 2020



Dr. Thombs and the SPIN-HAND study featured in the Arthritis Society's Research Impact Snapshot

 | Feb 12, 2020

The snapshot highlights the importance of SPIN-HAND, our online exercise program that was first tested by SPIN Cohort participants and will be made available to the public in less than a month!


Seeking participants for SPIN-DINE an online focus group on diet and nutrition!

 | Jan 08, 2020

Introducing our new study on how people with scleroderma find information about diet and nutrition.

Congratulations Maureen Sauvé, recipient of the AAC's "Patient for Active Engagement in Arthritis Research Award"!

 | Nov 29, 2019

Today, Maureen Sauvé received one of the six Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC) 2019 Research Awards, for her remarkable achievements in the area of patient advocacy and research.


Congratulations on Dr. Thombs' Induction into the Royal Society of Canada!

 | Nov 26, 2019

Dr. Brett Thombs, SPIN's Director, was honoured this weekend by induction into the Royal Society of Canada. Congratulations to Dr. Thombs and the SPIN Team and community!


Congratulations Marine Hébert, winner of a trip to Prague for the upcoming Systemic Sclerosis World Congress!

 | Oct 29, 2019

Marine was randomly selected, from SPIN's Physical Activity Survey respondents, to win a free trip and join our team at the next Systemic Sclerosis World Congress that will be taking place in Prague, in March 2020!


Position Available: SPIN Postdoctoral Fellowship

 | Oct 10, 2019

SPIN is currently seeking applicants for a Postdoctoral Fellowship position, in partnership with Scleroderma Canada. Please read the job description for details.

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