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Seeking participants for SPIN-DINE an online focus group on diet and nutrition!

by Nora Ostbo; Sami Harb; Marie-Eve Carrier | Jan 08, 2020

We want to hear from you!

SPIN is seeking people with scleroderma to participate in an online focus group that involves answering questions about their experiences with trying to find good information on diet and nutrition.

Good nutritional status is beneficial for people living with a chronic disease, but can be difficult when you have scleroderma. SPIN plans to develop an online intervention to support people with scleroderma to be able to make the best possible nutrition-related choices. To do this, we first want learn about where people with scleroderma find information on diet and nutrition to address gastrointestinal problems, to manage other scleroderma symptoms, or just to meet their nutritional needs.

The focus group will be 60-90 minutes and will include other people with scleroderma. You must have access to a computer or tablet with Internet to participate. Anybody with scleroderma is welcome to participate.

No compensation will be offered.

Please contact:
Take a look out our recruitment advertisement below!

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