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SPIN publishes results from the SPIN-PACE Survey

by Sami Harb; Angelica Bourgeault; Marie-Eve Carrier | Feb 03, 2021

A survey study related to the SPIN - Physical ACtivity Enhancement (SPIN-PACE) in scleroderma project was recently accepted for publication in Arthritis Care & Research. The objectives of the study were to determine the frequency and importance of different barriers to exercising and the likelihood that patients would use possible solutions. In brief, among 721 respondents, medical and health related barriers were identified as most frequent: fatigue and Raynaud's phenomenon were identified as most important, followed by joint stiffness and contractures, and difficulty grasping objects. Solutions likely to be used involved adapting exercise, taking care of one’s body, keeping warm, and protecting skin. The SPIN team wishes to use the survey results to develop and test the online SPIN-PACE program with the aim of supporting people with scleroderma in leading an active lifestyle. Congratulations to Sami Harb who carried out and completed this project! Read more here:

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