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Michelle Richard

Patient Advocate

Michelle worked as a Parks & Recreation Director up until 2000, when her disease forced her to leave a profession she loved. Having worked in the field of Recreation, Michelle understands the importance of an active lifestyle for living well with scleroderma.

After her diagnosis in 2000, Michelle became involved with the Arthritis Society when searching for a community where she could help others live better with scleroderma. While with the Nova Scotia Arthritis Society as a self-management and chronic pain facilitator, she met a support group leader for scleroderma in the Halifax area. The rest they say is history! Michelle helped co-found the Scleroderma Society of Nova Scotia, has co-chaired the 2010 National Scleroderma Conference in Halifax, and started the first Nova Scotia Walk in the Park for Scleroderma in 2013. Michelle has been on the Scleroderma Canada board since 2010, finishing her third term as President in September 2018 and now sits as Past President.

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