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Lisa Jewett

Counselling Psychologist

Lisa Jewett is a psychologist with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Service at the Jewish General Hospital, in Montreal, Quebec. She completed her PhD degree in Counselling Psychology and Master’s degree in Psychiatry at McGill University. Lisa worked with Dr. Brett Thombs and the Behavioural Health Research Group at the Jewish General Hospital from 2008-2018, and has been a member of SPIN since its inception in 2012. Lisa’s research focused on body image and appearance-related concerns among people with visible differences from scleroderma. As part of her research, Lisa identified important body image concerns for people with scleroderma and validated two measurement tools that address common issues related to physical appearance experienced by people with the disease. Currently, Lisa continues to pursue psychosocial and quality of life issues among those with visible differences in her clinical practice.

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