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Christy McCaffrey

Scleroderma Caregiver & Advocate

Christy McCaffrey is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Scleroderma. Christy founded Project Scleroderma after losing her own mother to Scleroderma in 2009. Her organization works to support the Scleroderma patient community by way of awareness videos and patient support videos. In 2013, Christy and her team produced a documentary film to raise awareness and help give patients a platform to share their own experiences with scleroderma. Since then, Project Scleroderma has gone on to produce several video web series and most recently, the PS Awareness Video Series. Christy says, “Our truest intention is to let the scleroderma patient community know that we care about them, we care about what they are going through, and we care about their future.”

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