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Amanda Wurz


Dr. Amanda Wurz was initially introduced to the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network (SPIN) during her Postdoctoral Fellowship, at the University of Calgary, where she was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Brett Thombs, Dr. Linda Kwakkenbos, and many other SPIN members. She initially helped lead a CIHR-funded project to explore participants' and research team members' experiences with the SPIN-CHAT program. She remains involved, evaluating SPIN offerings using qualitative approaches.

Amanda is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley. She teaches courses on the topics of exercise psychology, health promotion, and contemporary health issues. Her research is focused on enhancing wellness and quality of life through physical activity and on understanding the experiences of individuals affected by illness, disability, and chronic disease.

To support her graduate studies and Postdoctoral Fellowship, Amanda received 34 awards (including a prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research).

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