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Try-out of video recordings for online programs

by Marie-Eve Carrier | Apr 16, 2015

An important activity of the SPIN team is to develop online programs that help individuals with scleroderma live better with the disease. In these programs, we do not want to simply put a textbook online, but rather try to find engaging, creative and more personal ways to provide information to individuals living with scleroderma. One way to do this, is through brief video clips with experts who explain how certain techniques, such as relaxation, can help you cope better with the consequences of scleroderma.

On Monday April 6th, Marie-Eve Carrier (SPIN Coordinator) and Linda Kwakkenbos (SPIN Co-Director), together with the video crew, did a first try-out recording for these video clips. Dr. Ghassan El-Baalbaki, SPIN member from UQAM in Montréal kindly helped us with this, and made his debut on camera. Given his great talent for presentation, we expect him to soon be casted for a role in Hollywood!

In the next months, the SPIN team will record videos of experts in mental health and scleroderma, as well as experiences from individuals living with scleroderma, which will be crucial to the further development of the online supportive programs.

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