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Dr. Linda Kwakkenbos is the new Co-Director of SPIN

by Marie-Eve Carrier | Nov 07, 2014

The SPIN Steering Committee, headed by SPIN Director Dr. Brett Thombs from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, manages the project and ensures input from all stakeholders. In 2012, when SPIN was funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Dr. Linda Kwakkenbos joined Dr. Thombs’ team in Montreal to coordinate the SPIN project and work closely with the Steering Committee and other SPIN members. Dr. Linda Kwakkenbos, originally from the Netherlands, had just finished her four-year PhD project focusing on issues related to quality of life in scleroderma. She has managed most of SPIN’s day-to-day business in the past two years that she was SPIN’s coordinator. During SPIN’s Annual Meeting in Anaheim, in the presence of all SPIN members, Dr. Kwakkenbos was named SPIN’s Co-Director by the Steering Committee, a title that reflects her hard work and dedication to SPIN. A very well-deserved honor and a very nice moment of celebration for all who were present!

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