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Congratulations to Claire and the SPIN team on their publication in The Lancet Rheumatology!

by Claire Adams | Jul 4, 2024

A meta-research review led by Claire Adams and with current and former SPIN team members Elsa-Lynn Nassar, Julia Nordlund, Cassidy Dal Santo, Danielle Rice, and Vanessa Cook, was recently published in The Lancet Rheumatology. The review aimed to evaluate the proportion of studies published in high-impact rheumatology journals that (i) reported whether they engaged people with lived experience and (ii) actually engaged people with lived experience. The team found 9% of studies included in the review reported engaging people with lived experience, and 20% engaged people with lived experience but did not report this in their articles. It is estimated that, overall, 29% to 44% of included studies might have engaged people with lived experience, indicating engagement of people with lived experience in rheumatology research is low. For more information on this study please click:

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