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Congratulations on Dr. Thombs' Induction into the Royal Society of Canada!

by Angelica Bourgeault | Nov 26, 2019

SPIN's Director, Dr. Brett Thombs, was honoured in Ottawa, this November 22nd, by induction into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Dr. Brett Thombs is renowned for his innovative methods in developing, testing, and disseminating programs to support quality of life for people living with rare diseases, for his leadership in developing novel methods for depression screening and in preventive health care generally, and for his research on health care research methods and reporting. Watch the video below to know more about Dr. Thombs, the new member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in the RSC. Congratulations to Dr. Thombs and the SPIN Team and community!

Watch Dr. Thomb's introduction video here:

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