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Research Infographics

Check out these infographics to learn more about SPIN's research.

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spin-vax_en thumbnail mental health-EN
Coping with Scleroderma Infographic thumbnail
      ExerciseInfographic thumbnail
      Facts About the Cohort Infographic thumbnail

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      Research Topics Infographic thumbnail
      SPIN Infographic Rehabilitation thumbnail
SPIN Fatigue Infographic copy       Awareness Month Infographic thumbnail       Pain Infographic thumbnail
 SPIN Itch Infographic thumbnail       SPIN Infographic Social Support thumbnail
      SPIN Infographic Caregivers thumbnail
Infographic Sexual Health thumbnail
      SPIN-SSLED Trial Research Infographic Thumbnail
      Covid-19 Prevention thumbnail  
Staying Connected Infographic thumbnail       Mental Health Infographic thumbnail       Staying Active Infographic thumbnail  
5b. COVID-19 Anxiety Infographic thumbnail                  

SPIN Spotlight Interviews

SPIN Spotlight is an interview series highlighting incredible work by patient advocates, health professionals, researchers, and other members of the scleroderma community.

SPINspotlight_Carrier         spotlight-gotte_31990087          Spotlight Joep Final         spotlight-mayes_31506663
 SPINspotlight_Thombs_final         spotlight-pope_30889106
        Spotlight Denton Final         SPIN Spotlight Frech 
  Spotlight_Nielson_final         SPIN Spotlight Wigley

SPIN Spotlight Gietzen FINAL
        Spiera Spotlight FINAL
        SPIN Spotlight Varga Final
        SPIN Spotlight Interview Rozee FINAL
SPIN Spotlight RAs EN
        SPIN Spotlight Dyas          SPIN Spotlight Catherine Fortune
         SPIN Spotlight Helfand
spotlight-5c-20_39181944          SPIN Spotlight Mouthon EN          SPIN Spotlight Nikpour
        SPIN Spotlight Leatherman
SPIN Spotlight Granel EN
        SPIN Spotlight Hudson
        RA Spotlight